Board of Directors

photograph of the Board

July 2014 – June 2015

Front row, left to right: Eileen Sorrentino, Margie Zeller, Jennifer Brindisi, Beverly Stevens

Back row: James McNamee, Joyce Miller, Russell Carey, Bob Gilstein, John Fournier, Jacqueline Maltais

Absent: Paulette Gagnon, Fred Gifun


Beverly Stevens, Director  Ex-Officio
Jennifer Brindisi, President June 2016
James McNamee, Past President June 2016
Eileen Sorrentino, Vice President  June 2016
Margie Zeller, Secretary June 2016
Russell Carey, Treasurer June 2016
Bob Gilstein, Asst. Treasurer June 2016
Eileen Sorrentino, Chair Curriculum  June 2015
Jacqueline Maltais, Chair Special Events June 2016
Joyce Miller, Chair Membership June 2016
Greg Stone, Communications Publicity June 2016
Paulette Gagnon, Member at Large June 2016
To be Determined, Member at Large  June 2015
John Fournier, Member at Large  June 2016
Frederick Gifun, Lifetime Member Emeritus