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Finance & Economics
History & Political Science
Language & Culture
Literature & Drama
Religion & Spirituality
Visual Arts & Aesthetics
Interest Groups

Finance & Economics
o    Money: Its Origins, Present Condition and Future Prospects
o    Estate Planning

Fairhaven Tour Guide Chris Richards with Facilitator Jackie Rolnick

Fairhaven Tour Guide Chris Richards with Facilitator Jackie Rolnick


History & Political Science
o    Supreme Court in American History
o    History of Dighton Rock
o    The 2006 Elections to Congress and State
o    Democracy in America in Danger?
o    Nominating the President
o    Original Intent and the Imperial Presidency
o    Whales and Walks:  Local History in New Bedford and Fairhaven
o    The “Robber Barons” 1865 -1900 – The men who forged Industrial America

Language & Culture
o    French Conversation
o    Odes and Sonnets
o    All the King’s Men Times Four
o    Conversational Spanish

Literature & Drama
o    The Book Club for Mind and Soul
o    Short Stories
o    Emily Dickinson
o    Travellers & Homesteaders: The Writer’s Perspective
o    English Lyric Poetry
o    Nonfiction Book Discussion: Great Leaps Forward
o    Theatre: Up Close and Personal

o    Hand Bell Ringing for Enjoyment
o    Opera – The Art of the Singer
o    Sacred Music
o    The Power of Music
o    Mozart
o    Fado – The Music of Portugal
o    The History of Broadway Musicals in America
o    Stravinsky – His Life and Music

Religion & Spirituality
o    World Religions
o    The Artist’s Way
o    Writing from the Heart
o    Religion and Violence

o    Calibrating the Cosmos
o    Global Ecology
o    Creating & Managing Wildlands
o    Is the World Flat or is it Not?
o    One, Two, Three, Infinity
o    Birds and Birding in Southeastern Mass.
o    Topics in Evolutionary Psychology
o    Genetics in Sickness and Health

Visual Arts & Aesthetics
o    Icons of American Architecture Locally Discovered
o    Revisiting the Impressionists
o    Sacred Architecture
o    Michelangelo
o    A Taste of the Italian Renaissance
o    Pastels Again

Interest Group
o    Bridge:  Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
o    The Art and Science of Digital Photography
o    Knitting for fun
o    Cooking: Corso Di Cucina Internazionale
o    Gardening Sampler
o    Microsoft PowerPoint and Word
o    New England Forests Through Time
o    Tennis for fun
o    Hand Applique